About Me

I am an ammo collector first and foremost. I am passionate about what I do.

Growing up in a household that prohibited firearms, the closest I could get was ammo! One box at a time, I quickly developed a habit of stashing specimens/variations of a particular cartridge/caliber that I planned to shoot regularly. This contraband turned into collecting comprehensive archives of ammunition. Local estate auctions were my go-to for acquiring neat old ammo. It didnt take long before I realized that I had a problem. Selling online was my outlet for my duplicates or “accidental” purchases. I just kept buying and never really stopped!

I get a lot of personal satisfaction by selling ammunition that collectors and discriminating gun owners want. Finding period correct ammo is not an easy task as most of the desirable ammunition is sitting quietly in a collectors safe, out in the middle of nowhere. Irrespective of price, I hunt down these quality boxes of ammo from across the country. I source from peers, gun shows, estate auctions, and most importantly; good old word of mouth. Needless to say, I travel near and far to pick up small quantities of scarce ammunition.

So, If you have that investment grade firearm and you need to have the corresponding example of ammo that you wont find on the shelf at the outdoor superstore, then I just might have it for sale!

My inventory is constantly evolving, so please check back often!